General Contractor

For more than 16 years, Sahyadri Group of Construction has provided building solutions that meet a wide variety of needs in all of industries. Electing Sahyadri Group to the role of general contractor means your project will have the consultative, innovative, and authoritative influence it deserves. These tasks may include concrete, masonry, carpentry, and steel erection.

Our team of experts acts as a day-to-day manager and coordinator of construction projects overseeing every detail.

Our ability to self-perform ensures the entire project’s tone is a productive, manageable one that we completely oversee for the entire build.

Construction Management

Sahyadri Group’s experts bring a wealth of experience to field construction execution, including constructability, industrial relations, and modularization service. Our construction teams provide input into the construction scope, optimizing construction activities and offering cost saving suggestions during all project phases.

Sahyadri Group of Construction excels in the role of construction management and relieves your concern about managing the project’s potential scope. Our construction management services include a highly examined network of carefully selected subcontractors that possess Sahyadri Group of Construction’s full confidence.

Construction Design and Planning

Detailed Construction Design is the crucial process by which the broad strokes of the scheme design created during the planning and sketch design stages are developed into a coherent, detailed and technically compliant information package. Structural Appraisals of Residential, Retail & Industrial Structures Infrastructure Design and Detailing.

Construction Design is where spaces and layouts become a precise set of drawings, schedules and specifications, which communicate to the builder exactly what things are made of, where they are to be located, and how they work together to make up the building.

Equipment and Tool Solutions

Sahyadri Group of Construction have been trusted suppliers of vehicles, construction equipment, tools, and power generation equipment, including consumables and operational support services to industrial Clients. We can provide these fully services, with operators and maintenance solutions.

Sahyadri Group of Construction provides management and provision of all equipment, tools and services at construction sites to help capital construction projects increase productivity, reduce costs and duplication, standardize equipment and tools and finish on time and under budget. It reduces overall operating costs and improves the efficiency of the work.


Schewing Stetter CP 18 RMC Plant


RMC Pump






Utility Vehicle


Vibratory Rammer Machine


Compression Testing Machine